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Adventure excursions

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Quad trips 

With all the tour of the quad you will be picked up from your hotel and brought to the meeting point. There will be given a safety briefing and instructions on how to drive the quad. There are 3 options you can choose to drive.
~ Mount Teide tour
~ Sunset/ Teide tour
~ Costal off-road tour.

For all the trips please make sure you have your driver’s license and sneakers.

Mount Teide Sunset Quad trip
If you are looking for adventure and leaves you breathless at the same time, then you found the right excursion. From Giua de Isora you will go through the picturesque landscapes of this stunning island on your very own quad bike. Climbing through the clouds you will arrive at national park. We will make some stops for some explanation and photos. On our way back you will experience a breath-taking sunset over the westside of the island. This is an experience not to be missed, so buckle up and get ready to explore Tenerife like never before!

*Mount Teide tour *
The Mount Teide Quad trip is the perfect way to explore and experience breath-taking views of beautiful Tenerife. You can be sure this will be a journey packed with adventure.
You will start the magical trip to Teide while enjoying the difference of landscape, from the forest to the moon landscape at national park. On the way there will be stops to make some beautiful photos and the guide will tell you some information about the island.

Off-road trip
From giua de isora, the trip goes down to the west coast of Tenerife. You will experience a complete different side of the island what you never have seen before. On the way there is a stop at a beautiful national pool where you can jump in to the water to cool-down from this journey.

Buggy Tenerife

Enjoy an unique and unforgettable experience during your holidays on Tenerife! The Buggy Tour is probably one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do in Tenerife.

4 hours buggy tour.
Teide Tour of 130km (Fanabe – Vilaflor – Teide) with off road (+1 hour) and a small snack offered. If you are looking for a family buggy, we have 4 and 6 seater buggies for this tour only.
Our 3 hours buggy tours.

Teide Tour (Vilaflor – Teide )
The Coast (Adeje – La Caleta – Playa Paraíso)
Village and Mountain (Tamaimo)
3 hours offroad Tour + 30 minutes on the road (San Miguel)


Tandem paragliding offers the opportunity to experience the feeling of flying like a bird. The professional team of pilots will take you through the most beautiful skies and over the best beaches in Tenerife, while you enjoy your adventure year-round. You only have to take some quick steps for takeoff, and you will be flying. There are no big drops or aggressive movements. Most clients are surprised at how calm the experience is.

Different types of flight:

HAWK’S FLIGHT The flight from Taucho is the most basic choice among our different options. This flight lasts between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on weather conditions. You will take off from 800 meters and fly across ravines and mountains, passing over the small village of La Quinta and the town of Adeje.

FALCON FLIGHT (RECOMMENDED) The Falcon flight is a flight with a touch of charm. We will take off from a protected natural site located approximately 1100 meters above sea level. We’ll fly over the village of Adeje and Fanabe. This flight takes approximately 15-25 minutes. You will land near La Caleta.

EAGLE’S FLIGHT The flight from Izaña is nothing like other flights! You will love this flight if you want to experience a long, relaxing flight with incredible views of Teide Natural Park. After taking off from 2200 meters, you’ll gradually descend towards the coast in about 40 minutes. Depending on weather conditions, you will land either in Puerto de la Cruz or in Puertito de Güimar.”

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