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Try dive – Diving

Trial dive
Did you know that you can dive without a license?
Do you dream of breaking the barriers between two completely different worlds?
Do you want to look up the adrenaline?
You are in a place where diving is one of the best underwater attractions! Why don’t you give it a try?
The first breath underwater is something you will remember all your life!
It is a real adventure and at the same time a good way to get to know this sport and test your own potential.

After the instructions, you will be immersed in the ocean in the full suit, with an experienced dive instructor who will be in contact and in control at all times.
This makes you feel like a fish in water without any experience and enjoy the state of weightlessness.
The only requirement is to be at least 10 years old. You will feel what it is like to breathe underwater, to see the underwater world from a different perspective than just the TV screen.
The first dive is usually made at Las Vistas Beach (in front of our dive center) or at Playa del Puertito (diving with turtles).

To dive
One of the most popular dives is at the Condesito with a depth of 15-20 meters. Dive towards an undersea canyon filled with wreckage.
The 30 meter long ship ‘The Condesito’ stranded in 1971 off the coast of the southern tip of the island of Tenerife. The unfortunate accident left two important legacies: Rasca Lighthouse, which was built to prevent a recurrence of the accident, and the wreck of ‘The Condesito’, one of Tenerife’s most unique dive sites. Broken into several pieces, the wreck sits at the bottom of an underwater canyon 20 meters deep, flanked by prismatic walls and frequented by an abundance of marine life. The ship’s anchor point is 3.7 nautical miles from the major tourist port of Los Cristianos, at a point where the currents can increase the difficulty of the dive to intermediate levels.
The place is located near the coast and is home to countless octopuses, squids and viejas. The dive usually involves a passage through the surrounding spectacular prismatic rocks that seem to invite the diver to climb their steps on foot.

If you want to dive from the boat, this is certainly possible.


Jet ski is a unique experience and an absolute must-do in Tenerife.
Enjoy this unique opportunity to sail a jet ski along the south coast of Tenerife with a total sense of freedom and security. Under the guidance of boat support with an instructor, you will sail along the coast. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush and/or like water activities, this excursion is made for you.
Still, this awesome adventure isn’t just about driving a jet ski; it also gives you the opportunity to spend time at the cliffs, or admire the exotic marine life of Tenerife. With a bit of luck you can also spot some dolphins that live in the area.
In short, this is a unique and amazing experience that you should definitely experience. There is an option to sail alone or in pairs on a Jet Ski. If you choose a double you can take turns sailing.

There are two types of Jet Ski Experiences:
~1 hour Jet Ski Safari: from Puerto Colón to the hippie beach.
~2 hours Jet Ski Safari: from Las Americas to Palm-Mar. You will have the opportunity to snorkel.

Parascending, Puerto Colon

Fly from sea level to a height of 100 meters, providing an unforgettable view of the coast. The parascending height is made possible with a modern speedboat and parachute that gently lifts guests into the air. You will dip into the sea before you are landing on the platform, your experience will be comfortable and carefree.

Kayaking adventure

Climb aboard for a kayaking adventure in Tenerife and get up close and personal with dolphins and turtles in their natural environment. Observe the amazing creatures from a vessel that does not frighten them or disturb their natural habitat. Get an optional swimming break and snorkel with turtles and bull rays in a bay only accessible by kayak as a bonus.
Usually, within a few minutes, curious turtles arrive and get very close, swimming around and in between you. Also, bull rays regularly glide elegantly along the sea bed underneath you.

Deep Sea Fishing

Tenerife and La Gomera offers some of the best fishing worldwide along with clear blue skies, crystal clear blue waters and a back drop of the higest peak in the Atlantic ocean.
Being volcanic islands deep waters are just out side the harbour, so no need to travel long distances.
You are able to fish all year round from Marlin, Tuna, Mah Mahi and Wahoo to Amberjack, Dentex, Grouper and Barracuda plus a good variety more. The professional crew are helping and showing the newcomers and novices the art of fishing, to offering the serious fishermen a range of options that any fishing hot spot has to offer.

Rent a Boat

Always wanted to be a captain? Take one of the rent a boat now with our self-drive rental service. No license required, so anyone can sail this vessel for up to six hours.
Enjoy a romantic day with your partner, have fun with the whole family or plan a group outing with friends. This boat can accommodate up to five passengers, making it perfect for any occasion.
To experience the thrill of exploring Tenerife’s beautiful coastline on your own schedule. Drop anchor in a secluded cove and discover the underwater world with our complimentary snorkel masks.
The boat provides GPS navigator, Bluetooth speaker and cool box with drinks (for rentals over 2 hours)

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